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Kategorie: Bitcoin

13 Dez

Bitcoin Cash, Cosmos, Dash-prisanalyse

MassMutual var i nyhetene nylig etter at de kjøpte $ 100 millioner dollar i Bitcoin , nyheter som milliardæren Mike Novogratz svarte på som „kan være den viktigste BTC-nyheten i 2020.“ På baksiden av en slik utvikling viste Bitcoin Cash en bullish avvik i diagrammene og steg mot motstandsnivået på $ 267. Lenger nede på […]
11 Dez

Follow the money: Institutions facilitate investment in Bitcoin

As Bitcoin’s impressive bullish run continues, it wouldn’t be surprising to see crypto-FOMO reach institutional investors as well. With the crypto sector currently in a wave of bullish sentiment, as evidenced by the fact that Bitcoin Up passed its all-time high of $19,892 earlier this month, both causal and institutional investors around the world are […]
11 Dez

Bitcoin mining: the money you need to get started

How much money does it take to get started in Bitcoin mining? It depends on many factors, but what is certain is that it is not economical. Something that’s clear to everyone is that to get into the Bitcoin Rejoin business you need money. Now, determining the exact amount is complicated. This depends on many […]
1 Dez

Bitfinex hack: $ 100 million moved following new Bitcoin record

Hackers also want to make a profit … Part of the funds stolen from the Bitfinex exchange in 2016 has just moved, while Bitcoin (BTC) has experienced a new price record. Funds stolen from Bitfinex hack went into motion It was the WhaleAlert alert service that reported the 14 consecutive transactions that allowed these funds […]
21 Nov

Investment giant BlackRock: „Bitcoin will take the place of gold“

BlackRock CIO Rick Rieder says that „Bitcoin is here to stay“. A top manager of the world’s largest wealth management company BlackRock believes that Bitcoin ( BTC ) has become a permanent fixture in the global financial system. Another clear sign that the perception of the cryptocurrency has changed significantly in the meantime Rick Rieder, […]