Ethereum’s DeFi goes mad – $21 billion, a war treasure that just keeps getting bigger!

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A good start to the new year for DeFi – We’re too used to seeing Bitcoin on the front page of the cryptos news for a long time. However, DeFi is not to be outdone. Yes, it is! After a crazy year in 2020, it has just beaten a new record.

21 billion dollars, just that!
It’s been almost a month since the bull run started, with the passage Immediate Edge of Bitcoin’s previous ATH on December 16th.

Since then, a large part of the Altcoins have followed the trend and, obviously, the DeFi has not been left behind. Indeed, projects such as Aave, Loopring or Uniswap have seen their token prices rise.
Having emerged during 2019, it was not until 2020 that the DeFi ecosystem exploded. The craze has been general, as much on the side of the projects which have multiplied as on the side of the funds involved.
At the same time, the total value involved in DeFi has just beaten a new record by reaching 21.9 billion dollars. This is equivalent to an increase of 3,500 % over the last year.
Total value involved in DeFi – Source : DeFi Pulse
It should be noted, however, that this increase is mainly due to the surge in prices. Indeed, when we look at the funds involved in ETH or BTC, the latter have tended to fall.