Telegram founder criticizes Facebook and Instagram for allowing scams to flourish


Telegram founder Pavel Durov attacked Facebook and Instagram for making money from fraudulent ads using Durov’s name and image.

Through his Russian channel Telegram on June 17, Durov accuses the technology giant of turning a deaf ear to users‘ complaints:

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„For over a year, Bitcoin System and Instagram have been making money from ads promoting scams that are launched in my name. <…> These schemes are approved by Facebook’s moderators, allowing them the status of advertising, thus misleading people.“

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One of the scams cited by Durov was a bogus offer of Gram tokens. Durov also accuses Facebook of double standards, claiming that moderators are too eager to facilitate political censorship:

„The situation in which Facebook has ignored complaints for more than a year, generating revenue from users‘ financial inexperience is unacceptable. Considering the speed with which Facebook’s Russian-speaking team of moderators is facilitating political censorship (, the company has sufficient resources to evaluate advertisements“.

Durov recommends that Facebook start paying more attention to this issue over the weekend; in the meantime, he urges users to save fraudulent ads for a possible future legal battle.